Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Aftermath and Restoration

Here's something a little different. Sunday before last, I had a bass line pop into my head, too late to do anything more than just scribble it down in order to not forget it. Over the next couple of weeks, in between doing my taxes and being annoyed at having to do them, I worked it into something that I think isn't quite rock, but avoided becoming jazz -- which it threatened to do until that 13/16 section showed up at 3:49. Then the time signatures stay a little crazy for about a minute before settling into a coda based on the transition from the intro ("Aftermath") to the main section (the initial bass idea, starting at 2:20).

Also, I know that normal bass tuning only goes down to E, but this was E-flat in my head, so the bassist just has to loosen that bottom string a little.

4/27: A few details were bothering me, so I did an updated version. Almost exactly the same as before, except a little different.

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