Sunday, April 24, 2011

Prelude in B Major

This little piece has been percolating upstairs for a little over a week, and on Easter morning it let me finish it. It's a tiny perpetual motion machine with a bad case of the stutters, sharing some characteristics with the C Major Allegro posted here and a fugue-like piece (also in C Major) that I need to find and finish, but in this case, the 16th-note motion, while it passes back and forth between the right and left hands, never stops until the end. It may be brief, but it's got as many notes as most pieces that are twice as long! I'm now planning to take the final progression of seven chords, transpose to a "flatter" key, and make something a bit calmer; this is my idea of recycling, but it won't be recognizable as coming from this.

Note: Listening to it now, I am vaguely reminded of a duet from some old opera, although that never occurred to me while writing this; I'll leave it up to listeners to figure out which one.