Sunday, April 24, 2016


This is being posted out of order; I actually finished this a few days before Easter, but got distracted with other things, and so Aftermath and Restoration got here first. I had been listening to the King Crimson "Discipline" album, and thought it might be interesting to do something for string quartet using a jerky rhythm similar to that on the opening of the track "Indiscipline".

Part of the way through, I realized it was shaping up to be in octatonic mode (like my String Quartet #2), and thought of the title track of the KC "Red" album, which employs the same octatonic mode. Another connection that I didn't make until it was nearly finished (it took a couple of weeks) is the layered approach of my little Passacaglia sketch for string quartet from early last year (first 45 seconds, apart from the two-bar intro).

So, here it is -- inspired by King Crimson, although I have no idea what Mr. Fripp & Co. would think of it:

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