Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Tribute to Back Pain

Here's what happened: Just before Labor Day weekend, I came down with a bug that was going around the office. It didn't last long, but left me with a persistent cough, which was bad enough that one particularly violent coughing fit a full two weeks later pulled a muscle in my back, causing me to miss work the next day, as I could barely walk. It hurt badly enough that I couldn't really concentrate on any work, whether job-related or my music. Still, I did come up with a little idea for piano that was simple enough not to require much thought, and when I played it back I heard something else that had to go with it. Apart from a couple of inevitable tweaks over the next couple of days (mostly phrasing and dynamics), this was done over the span of a couple of hours, interrupted only by coughing spells that further aggravated the back pain. It should've been posted over a month ago, but I got distracted by other pieces (and my dislike of the Windows Movie Maker software -- the Blogger interface doesn't allow for the direct posting of sound files). The cough is now gone, and the back is better (mostly).

So, here it is -- the sound of lower back pain. Enjoy...

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