Sunday, July 3, 2022

Perenepsis XXI: Fulcrum

 Now that I've decided not to let #19 hold things up, here comes more stuff, also finished about a month ago. This piece is based on the idea of keeping one note constant while moving other notes around it, hence the subtitle. The static note does change over the course of the piece, so as not to limit the range of notes used, and there are passages that don't repeat/hold a common note, but that's the overall idea. The tempo is slow (50 bpm), so even 16th notes don't seem very fast, which is why I had to resort to 32nd notes in places -- and even those don't seem too quick. I guess it's mostly in D, but wanders a good bit -- each note of the D natural minor scale serves as the "fulcrum", most multiple times. In fact, the final chord is technically an inverted F major chord, but the lead-in to it makes it sound more like a Dm7 with a missing root, so yeah, I'd say it's in D minor overall. Not much more to say about this one:

I'll probably be posting #22 tomorrow; meanwhile,  #19 continues to be a problem child.

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