Monday, January 19, 2015

Sketches for String Quartet: No. 3 - Lacerta

Not much more to say about this one; as mentioned earlier, this was my fourth start at the third sketch. It's in 4/4, E major, and opens with overlapping double-stopped fifths, as does the nearly completed 2nd movement (or possibly 4th, depending on whether I rework the first) of my String Quartet No. 3. The difference is that the SQ3 movement is in B Major, and its opening chord is built top to bottom, and played pizzicato, while this one is built bottom to top, and bowed.

This should've been posted over the weekend, but a furniture-related adventure took more time and energy than anticipated. It'll probably be a while before the next posting; hopefully a matter of weeks rather than months. Maybe I'll dig up one or two older pieces if work on the new stuff slows down.

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