Friday, December 12, 2014

A Pre-Posting Update

Okay, so it looks like I won't be making that target of posting 12 pieces this year. Not even close. So sue me (note to ambulance chasers: I really don't think there are any grounds for a suit, unless I sue myself, which doesn't seem extremely likely at this time). I did have my week off during October, but didn't go to Zwolle, and didn't get much done musically the entire week. I decided instead to go to a more local Oktoberfest celebration, but ended up not even doing that, spending most of that week doing my very convincing impression of a human zucchini... except for the color, as I couldn't hold my breath long enough to reach the proper shade of green. Maybe I should've tried for eggplant instead.

Once I got back to work, though, progress resumed on the music as well. Quite a bit, actually, but spread out over at least 12 different pieces, so none are finished yet... well, except for Perenepsis #4, which was finished even before the staycation, but I've since decided that I don't like the last bit before the very end, so put it aside for a while to attack with a fresh ear later. There is one that's just about done that wasn't even in my head yet until just a couple weeks ago, so that'll probably be the one that makes it here before 2015, although last month I could've sworn a different one was less than a week away from being done. Of course, I could intentionally delay it in order to bolster my chances of hitting that target next year, but now that I've said it, everyone would know that I cheated, and we can't have that, can we? So, hopefully this weekend; December 28 at the latest... probably.

I'll try to do better next year, but I think I might just have more fun working on pieces than finishing them... maybe like a cat playing with a mouse, but maybe not.

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