Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another Sketch

This one is in F Minor, for organ. Now, as mentioned way back regarding my Untitled Prelude, I am rather limited in terms of organ sounds on my current setup. Until I can get a more adjustable organ sound I'm stuck with this fairly thick and heavy sound, which precludes very intricate organ writing. Thus, the fugal section that tried to bubble up in the middle of this had to be abandoned, which is just as well in this case, as it would've turned into a more involved piece than this quick little sketch.

Even though this took about a day longer to write than the previous sketch for piano (much of this time actually spent "unwriting", as indicated above), it's about half a minute shorter; it is neither light nor relaxing, so I figured that listeners should be subjected to no more than two minutes of this... (you're welcome!)

Hopefully, I can now get back to the seven (or possibly eight, as I may return to the one for clarinet and strings) "real" pieces on my current active list; there is a general idea for some other new thing that may make it to paper soon, but I'll try to finish one of the Perenepsis pieces and at least one more of the quartet movements before getting sidetracked again.

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