Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shepherd's Call

This piece was actually completed a couple weeks before Perenepsis #2 (after being almost finished for quite some time before that), but I expect that Perenepsis #3 will be the next one to be completed, and wanted a buffer between the two, so here it is. Unlike Antioch, this isn't a piano piece adapted for oboe and piano, although it did start with just the three opening chords. The third chord required a resolution, and then this sequence called for a response. At this point, I wanted a bagpipe call over the held chord, but without an available bagpipe sample, I settled for an oboe and proceeded from there. The progress from initial idea to "near completion" was very quick, but a couple of bars near the end kept bothering me for months. There's something hidden in the right hand of the piano part starting at 0:36, but I don't think I'll say what it is. For now, just be happy to have a break between Perenepses #2 and #3 (since I made up the word, I get to decide how to pluralize it).

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